1. Personal data collected and processed on this e-commerce site is the responsibility of Eesti Breiktantsu Liit MTÜ (registry nr 80165904, address Tartumaa, Tartu, Tartu linn, J. Kuperjanovi tn 44-3, 50409) („EBL“), tel +372 5274983,
  2. What kind of personal data is collected:
    1. Name, phone number, e-mail address
    2. Delivery address
    3. Bank account number
    4. Pricing and other data related to the payment of goods and services(purchase history)
    5. Customer service data
  3. Aim of data collection
    1. Personal data is used to manage the client’s purchases and for delivering goods
    2. Purchase history data(date of purchase, product, quantity, client data) is used to get an overview of goods and services purchased and for analyzing client preferences
    3. Bank account number is used for return of purchases
    4. Personal data such as e-mail, phone number, client’s name is processed to solve custom service problems and questions
    5. E-commerce user data such as IP or other network identifications are used to enable services of the e-commerce site and for collection web usage statistics
  4. Legal basis
    1. Processing of personal data is done for the purpose of fulfilling contracts with the client
    2. Processing of personal data is done for legal obligations(such as accounting and consumer disagreement problems)
    3. Processing of personal data is done only by the client’s agreement for the following operations: e-mailing information regarding future breakdancing events organised by EBL.
  5. Recipients of personal data
    1. Personal data is received by our site’s custom service to manage purchase history and solve service issues.
    2. Name, phone number and e-mail address is forwarded to transport services. In case of products delivered by courier, in addition to contact information client address is also forwarded.
    3. In case of accounting done by a third-party service, personal data will also be forwarded to the service provider for accounting purposes.
    4. EBL forwards personal data necessary for payment services to authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.
  6. Security and access of data
    1. Personal data is kept on servers, that are located in European Union territories. Data can be forwarded to countries whose data protection has been determined adequate by the European Commission and firms of USA who have joined the Privacy Shield framework.
    2. The site’s workers have access to personal data to solve technical questions related to the site and for customer service.
    3. The e-commerce site uses physical, organisational and information technological security measures to protect personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, loss, change, tampering and leaking.
    4.  Forwarding of personal data to authorized third-party services(such as transport and web hosting) takes place according to contracts between our site’s and authorized third-party services who are obligated to use adequate defense mechanisms for data protection.
  7. Receiving and changing personal data
    1. Your personal data can be received from customer support.
  8. Withdrawal of agreements
    1. If processing of personal data takes place according to client’s agreement, it is possible to withdraw this agreement by e-mailing customer support.
  9. Preservation
    1. If a purchase was made on the site without an account, then customer purchase history is preserved for three years.
    2. In case of payment and consumer legal disagreements personal data will be preserved until legal proceedings end.
    3. Personal data necessary for accounting will be preserved for seven years.
  10. Deletion
    1. To delete your personal data from the site contact our customer support by e-mail. Your application will be responded to within a month with details.
  11. Transferal
    1. To transfer your personal data from one identity to another contact our customer support by e-mail. Your application will be responded to with a month with details.
    2. Custom support will make sure of identity match and notifies you of personal data to be transferred.
  12. Direct marketing.
    1. E-mail addresses will only be used for direct marketing in case of client’s prior consent. If the client does not wish to receive direct marketing messages, then contact our customer support.
  13. Resolving disputes
    1. Resolving disputes related to personal data is done by contacting customer support:  tel +372 5274983,